Welcome folks and jamband lovers, I saw the Grateful Dead in the Summer of '89.
From thereon I was addicted to jams and improvisational music together with the phenomenon of the trading scene.
In the last years the jamband world grew enormously but it's not that easy to experience those live shows in Europe.
But nevertheless, I got the chance to attend a few as you can see on my jambands ticket site.

In March 2002 I was invited by radio DJ Nobat for a 11-hour Grateful Dead radio marathon called "The long night of the Grateful Dead" on Radio FSK (Freies Sender Kombinat, Hamburg).
During this show we conducted a phone interview with David Gans, author of books like "Playing in the Band: An Oral and Visual Portrait of the Grateful Dead" or "Conversations with the Dead - The Grateful Dead Interview Book" and host of famous radio shows like "The Grateful Dead Hour" or "Dead to the World".

In March 2004 String Cheese Incident visited Europe.
I went to the shows in Interlaken, Hamburg and Cologne.
Before their tour I conducted a phone interview with Michael Kang.

Another jamband from the States came to Europe in March 2004: ekoostik hookah played a 3-night-run in Amsterdam's Melkweg.
Here you can read my phone interview with Johnny Polansky.

In March 2005 Umphrey's McGee and the Disco Biscuits were part of the first Jam in the Dam.
Read my phone interviews with some band members
I conducted a few days before
Interview with Joel Cummins (Umphrey's McGee)
Interview with Aron Magner (The Disco Biscuits)
Interview with Marc Brownstein (The Disco Biscuits)